You Can Choose Adoption—Even If You Are Nearly Full-Term

26 February 2021
 Categories: Relationships & Family, Blog


If you are thinking about adoption, you may be further along in your pregnancy than others. You might even wonder if it is too late for you to choose adoption. The truth? It is never too late to make this choice for yourself and your baby.

So, what is involved in the adoption process if you are already late in your pregnancy? These are some of the steps involved.

Contact a Professional with Questions

The first thing you should do, even if you are only considering adoption, is to contact a professional. An adoption agent can help you answer any of the remaining questions you have. This might involve questions about giving birth to questions about the family you want to place your child with. The earlier you ask questions, the better.

Ask About Supportive Services

As you move through the adoption process, you may wonder what resources are available to help you mentally, emotionally, financially, and even physically. Your adoption counselor is your liaison, so make sure that you consider the services.

Review Profiles for Waiting Families

While you wait for your baby to be born, you can review the profiles of families who are waiting to adopt a baby. You can choose the family that meets your values and that seems to provide the best possible placement for your baby. During this time, you can choose a family and then get to know them. Together, you can determine what you want the adoption to look like for all of you.

Build an Adoption & Birth Plan

During this time, you should also develop your ideal adoption plan as well as what you want labor and delivery to look like. For example, what kind of labor do you want? Do you want pain medication? Do you want to hold the baby? Then, you will have to develop the adoption plan. For instance, do you want to have an open adoption? Do you want to receive updates from the family?

Complete Adoption Legally

The final step in the process is to complete the paperwork and make the adoption official. Legal paperwork may require help from an adoption professional. An adoption professional can help you take the next steps in the process so that you can place your baby for adoption. If you are still considering adoption, it's not too late. Reach out to a professional to begin taking these steps.